Seminal Research Note inspires new generations of Crypto Funds

Alpha Capture at the edges: harnessing Crypto volatility for (much) better returns.

Cambridge, London and Toronto, July 2022: The latest AlgoDynamix research note was recently released and considers the full spectrum of active Crypto portfolios including Long only, Long/Short as well as slightly leveraged Crypto portfolios. The presented solutions in this research note simultaneously cover most investment theses from long term significant/fundamental outperformance to volatile Crypto instrument with possible uncertain future and ongoing large drawdowns.

Highlights and Key conclusions:

There are many possible use cases for the AlgoDynamix directional price forecasting analytics.

Emphasis in this research note was to cover as many different Crypto regimes as possible.

The short overlay strategy trades about 3 to 5 times per month and there are different ways of incorporating this strategy into your existing or new trading portfolios.

The short overlay strategy or even just the Long only trading strategy will dramatically improve return performance and reduce volatility including drawdowns. 

Full research note can be downloaded from here 

The Crypto price forecasting analytics covered above are available both as a SaaS subscription and as a fund partnership revenue sharing model, please get in touch for more details!