Frequently Asked Questions

What does AlgoDynamix do?

AlgoDynamix provides financial forecasting solutions giving investment banks and asset managers hours or days advance warning of major directional market movements.

Existing clients include investment banks and asset managers including CTAs, hedge funds, family offices and other managed funds.

What type of AI technology does AlgoDynamix use, why is this better?

The core technology is based on an agent based unsupervised machine learning algorithms (‘AI’) that analyses the dynamic behaviour of market participants (‘buyers and sellers’). These participants are grouped together – based on common feature sets – resulting in distinct user ‘clusters’.

Cluster identification amongst noisy market participants is part of our unique core capabilities. Major movements in financial markets occur when major clusters of market participants all start behaving in the same way.

Why is this different?

Unlike other solutions, the underlying analytics technology does not require any historical data or knowledge of any previous disruptive events.

Existing financial models are designed and calibrated based on previous data points and events. This approach, sometimes even combined with traditional machine learning, works very well for ‘business as usual’ risk applications. In additional these existing models are not always good at forecasting and even less so for providing any indication market direction.

The very novel approach at AlgoDynamix has no reliance or assumptions about past events, no training data set and provides clear insights about direction and scale of panic.

Our clear unique insights about direction and scale of panic, come from understanding the actual behaviour of market participants by observing them at the exchanges order books.

This approach does not rely on any models, assumptions, news, sentiment or indeed any other ‘secondary’ source of data.

What are the major benefits and applications of the core technology?

This unique technology has clear benefits for most asset managers and investment banks (front office: trading, portfolio and risk managers).

In addition to direct sales, AlgoDynamix is also setting up channel partnership agreements and partnering with asset managers to create fully AlgoDynamix enabled investment products including global de-risked equity indices and special types of ‘smart beta’ factor model portfolios.

The end result is substantially better risk adjusted returns across most of the relevant business units.