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forecasting analytics

Get smarter insights without looking at the past

Get forward-looking insight into the financial markets

The future does not look like the past. That’s why most financial models stop working when they are needed the most. AlgoDynamix revolutionises the way forecasting is done. Our directional price movement analytics are used in trading, investment and risk/hedging. Developed through many years of academic research at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, our analytics combines advanced mathematical analysis and real-time order book data to produce in-advance directional market movement insights.

Key features of our analytics

Advance insights

Deep data insights uncover anomalies in the behaviour of market participants (i.e. buyers and sellers). Counteract emotion-fuelled investing and trading, as well as human bias and assumptions.

Early warning

Alerts are delivered hours (even days) before major directional market movements happen. Gain critical thinking and deliberation time to overlay your own investment and trading strategy.

Easy integration

Alerts sent directly to clients through web interface, e-mails and/or optional API for easy integration into any platform. No internal IT, market data or any other client data is required.

Wide coverage of asset classes

Forward looking directional price guidance across most asset classes including equities (and ETFs), commodities, fixed income, currencies and ESG investments.

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Our products are used by investment banks and asset managers including CTAs, hedge funds, family offices and other managed funds.


The clear, directional forecasting analytics gives us a data-driven window into how major market participants are behaving.

Michael Williams

Founder and CIO of Highguard Capital


Information capturing in a better, quicker method that traders can actually interpret.

Dr Ronjon Nag

Hedge fund manager and world renowned AI expert


So far in all cases, all the flags have made money, which is great!

Executive Director

Institutional Equity Division, Tier 1 investment bank

“If a financial apocalypse is coming, AlgoDynamix could be the company to save us”


Wired Money

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