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A QUANTUM LEAP IN FINANCIAL PRICE FORECASTING: See the future without looking at the past

Wednesday, 9 Dec 2020 | 9:00 AM

Using Quantum Computing and AI for real-time price forecasting: latest groundbreaking updates from the AlgoDynamix Cambridge (UK) covering the benefits of these Quantum enhancements to their directional price forecasting analytics.

During this webinar we will cover: 

• Overview of Quantum computing capabilities and how this technology is being used today.

Latest enhancements to the AlgoDynamix forecasting analytics.

• More client use cases covering more areas also including the latest FX and FX treasury forecasting capabilities.

Do sign up for this seminal webinar to see how these forecasting technologies can be used to augment financial decision-making processes across many financial (and non-financial!) organisations.


1-3 Dec 2020

About the summit:

Emerging companies are leveraging new technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data analytics and distributed ledgers to drive innovation in the industry. We call it AlphaTech. Leaders in the industry are partnering with these AlphaTech companies and leveraging these new technologies to create efficiencies and competitive advantages, improving existing processes and developing new business models and revenue opportunities.

Join TabbFORUM, AIR Summit and experts from across the asset management and capital market industry to discuss how AlphaTech will continue to reshape capital markets ecosystems at the AlphaTech Upfronts. Get a rapid-fire preview of new technologies and solutions that were created to drive investment and operational performance in 2021 & beyond.”