AlgoDynamix going for gold in Chartis’ STORM 2023 research & analysis report

AlgoDynamix going for gold in Chartis’ STORM 2023 research & analysis report

London, Cambridge (UK) and Toronto (Canada) 3rd Aug 2023: AlgoDynamix, the leader in behavioural-based price forecasting for financial markets is featured in this year’s prestigious STORM 2023 (QuanTech 50 ranking) market research report by Chartis Research. More details will also be covered on our next podcast, please make sure that you are on our mailing list for further announcements!

AlgoDynamix are pleased to announce that they have been featured in this year’s Chartis market research report and are amongst the top 50 companies worldwide. Chartis Research has extensive experience covering global analytics companies in areas including market risk, wealth advisory and asset management. Report highlights include “a golden age of quantitative technology” and also contains detailed rankings based on Chartis’ proprietary research methodologies. Other companies mentioned in this report include Murex, FIS, SS&C and Numerix. 

AlgoDynamix CEO Dr. Jeremy Sosabowski:

It is great to be part of Chartis’ QuanTech 50 ranking, especially considering their detailed criteria including considerations for Companies’ technology stack, architecture, and scalability as part of the process to determine long-term customer suitability. Inclusion in this report is obviously also a strong testament to our team’s hard work and dedication to make all of this happen!

Dr. Sosabowski continues:

We are confident that our price forecasting analytics will continue to help our customers navigate the complex and evolving market environment with confidence and agility. These findings are even more relevant to our fund partnership programs: i.e. co-launching new investment products including thematic funds and Crypto Baskets.


The full report (paywall) and further details can be found on the Chartis’ website

Discussions around technology, customer use cases and our fund partnership programs (including digital asset funds!) will be covered on our next podcast, please make sure that you are on our mailing list for further announcements!

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Full PDF Download: AlgoDynamix-Chartis-STORM2023-Report [PDF