How to go quantum in currency hedging and see vital trends you’ve never seen before

26th Jan 2021 by Ken Lillie, Founder, Lillie Associates

Ken Lillie, Founder, Lillie Associates

Spotting trends in financial market prices in these uncertain times is key. In volatile global markets, FX hedging is of increasing importance to corporate treasurers with sudden adverse exchange rate movements or persistent adverse trends taking their toll on what can be relatively narrow business profitability and with all of the inherent risks they bring.

Treasurers employ various strategies to monitor and manage those risks, which often depend upon the nature of the company’s core business and their assessment of the degree of risk they can carry. These strategies depend largely upon the quality and speed of market information available and the effectiveness and reliability of the tools at hand to analyse and act upon that data.

Spotting trends in Financial Market prices before other systems or people see them

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