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Value investing and fundamentals with Magnum Analytics, the best of both worlds only from AlgoDynamix

Webinar time: Thursday 14th November  – 3.00pm GMT / 4.00pm CET / 6 pm GST / 11.00am EDT


Value investing and fundamentals with Magnum Analytics only from AlgoDynamix


Traditional investment strategies have proven themselves over the centuries. Now AlgoDynamix offers you the chance to combine your existing proven strategies with our easy to use analytics giving you the best of both worlds. Harness both the power of AI and maintain your existing investment style with Magnum Analytics.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • About our easy, zero touch integration
  • Create portfolios that comfortably outperform the Warren Buffetts of this world
  • 360 coverage of all asset classes


If you’ve got a scheduling conflict, please register anyway and we’ll share the learnings after the session.