RAP Platform™

Continuous market risk monitoring platform providing users with hours or days advance warning of downside market risk

The AlgoDynamix RAP Platform™ provides hours or days advance warning of major downside events. This platform requires no configuration or API integration making this solution exceptionally quick to deploy across smaller organisations including family offices and smaller hedge funds. The AlgoDynamix RAP Platform™ is available online via our self-service online portal.

Applications and use cases: 

  • Investment Banking:
    Hedging decisions, market making optimisation, counterparty risk monitoring and structured products
  • Asset Managers:
    Reducing portfolio volatility, derivative overlay strategies
  • Hedge Funds, CTAs, (U)HNWI:
    Trading decisions, regime switch detection, strategy improvements, option strategies
  • Family offices:
    Capital preservationThe platform provides global ‘macro’ coverage across multiple asset classes including global equity indices, fixed income futures and FX Futures.


RAP Platform™ Key Metrics:

  • Hours or days advance warning of major downside market risk
  • Typically 20 to 25 anomaly alerts per financial instrument per year
  • Macro cross asset class coverage
  • Quick and easy online self service portal, delivery channels include email alerts and web interface

Web Interface
Always connected, universal access.
Excel Add-In
Always connected, integrative.
Email Alerts
Reliable, time stamped, authenticated, digitally signed.
Easy integration into any platform or any front end.